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Sprint Results and Thanks

Author: Andy Southall, 22/04/18

Thank you to all the BCT members who raced and marshalled the sprint today, a great advertisement for the club and the sport. A special thanks has to go out to the volunteers who just marshalled without racing and give up their Sunday morning for their club!

Some presentation pics can be found on our Facebook page We can expect some photos of the event to come from Seb Stead over the next few days. Thank you Seb.

The first male finisher was Kevin Lane and first female was Lauren Evans from BCT.

The results of the event can be found here but a special mention to the following from BCT returning home with a trophy!

Thomas Dauncey – 3rd Overall M

Lauren Evans – 1st Overall F

Lucy McNeill-Briggs – 2nd Overall F

Paul Rogers – 1st Super Vet M

Edward Bolland – 2nd Super Vet M

Pat Hackett – 3rd Super Vet F

Tim Lake – 1st Vet M

Neil Millward – 3rd Vet M

Leigh-Ann Adams – 1st Vet F

Keith Bate – 1st Ultra Vet

Chris Pedley – 3rd Ultra Vet

Alex Thomson – 1st Junior M

Olly Mason – 2nd Junior M

Zac Taylor – 3rd Junior M

Mia Hathaway – 1st Junior F

Isobel Bolland – 2nd Junior F



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