Black Country Triathletes

Local Time Trials

Spring is in the air and with a promise of better weather, it’s time to cancel your Zwift subscriptions, get out in the fresh air and do some proper cycling!

 The 2022 local summer cycling time trials kick off on April 26 with a choice of 4 different courses to challenge your 2 wheel efforts.

 These events are informal affairs so no pressure and organised by 3 local clubs.
So for anyone interested here are the details.

Tuesday evenings 7.00 start with a 6.45ish sign-on and a £4 or £5 charge.

W-ton Racing CC
Sign on Halfpenny Green crossroads and “Horns or Boningale” Pub Shifnal rd.

W-ton Wheelers CC
Sign on  Halfpenny Green crossroads.

Stourbridge CC
Sign on  Pool car park, Camphill rd, Highgate Common.

Dates :-
26. SCC. K21/5 (2 laps)  Halfpenny Green
3.  WRCC. K21/11.  Halfpenny Green.
10.  WWCC. K21/10B.  Boningale
17.   SCC.    K21/5  2 laps.  Halfpenny Green.
17.   WRCC. K21/11.  Halfpenny Green.
7.   SCC. K21/5. 2 laps.  Halfpenny Green.
14.  WRCC  K21/10B.  Boningale.
21.  WWCC. K21/22. Hilly. Halfpenny Green.
28.  SCC.  K21/5 2 laps.  Halfpenny Green.
28.  WRCC. K21/10B.  Boningale.
5.  WWCC. K21/22 Hilly.  Halfpenny Green.
12   WWCC. K21/22 Hilly.  Halfpenny Green.
19.  SCC. K21/11    Halfpenny Green
26.  WWCC. K21/11.  Halfpenny Green.
2.  WWCC. K21/10B   Boningale
9.  WWCC. K21/11.  Halfpenny Green

There are a couple of rule changes this year.
You MUST wear a helmet.
You MUST have working front (white) and rear (red) flashing or constant lights
No lights or helmet … no ride .

Hope to see some of you there … that’s it from me.
Christopher P.